OrdOnline is now RainHandBooks!

What is Rainhand?Hello, readers!

Those of you who have kept up with my writing since the release of my first novel some years ago may have been wondering what I've been up to since then. Or you might just be wondering why ordonline.net no longer links to this site. Well, there have been some sweeping changes over time, and one of them has been a switch to a new domain, Rainhandbooks.com. This change was made because my writing is no longer only about the Traveler of Ord series. I exist in different forms on many platforms, but as this site is about the printed literary works that I attribute to myself sans pen-names, I felt it was time to diversify the domain. I have updated my books on Amazon, as well as all the places I could think of that still have ordonline.net listed as an author resource for me. If you find one I missed, please let me know! And if you're wondering what on Earth 'RainHand' even means, click the image above for an explanation!

Meanwhile, I never really went anywhere, and you can still find me at the resources listed under the aptly named 'Where To Find Me' dropdown list in the navigation bar above. Suffice to say I wear a number of literary hats. I have different communities for different types of writing I do, and even some revolving around adapting stories into comic format, or recording audiobooks. (What an interesting task a one-person audio show is!) I'm even looking forward to a potential speaking engagement this summer at a popular fan convention. If all works out, I'll be engaging in that dreaded task among tasks, public speaking, as a co-panelist and I go provide tips, advice, and a general pep-talk for how you can stay on task and meet your writing goals!

At any rate, keep in touch, and so will I!

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