A Little Ord "to go"

So, like a lot of people, I have a laptop. It's a little on the older side, but it can more than keep up by modern standards, and it pretty much suits all my computer needs. I'm not much of a fan of Windows, so I'm running Linux Mint 15 with a stripped XP installed as a guest host in seamless mode. The translation of that gibberish is that when I want to write, even if I'm using Linux, all I have to do is click on one shortcut and a windows taskbar appears at the bottom of the screen just over my Mint taskbar, allowing me to very quickly and very easily boot up MSWord for my writing.

I like it, but it's still not enough.

Those who know me probably know I have a thing about extreme portability. I prefer handheld video game systems to consoles. I carry the smallest, thinnest possible wallet and take out absolutely anything from it I don't need to have on a daily basis. My keyring consists of a house key, a car key, and a single 5-yen coin I got as change in Japan that happens to have the year of my birth on it, on a tiny lanyard. Once upon a time laptops were the key to portability, but by today's standards they're big, bulky, hot, and since they don't live for very long on a charge, you're pretty much tethered to AC power most of the time anyway.

So, I bought a Sony Vaio netbook on ebay that was being sold "for parts". 90% off of retail is a deal to me, especially when I figured out the problem it was having wasn't so bad. I won't bore you with the technical details, but the long story short is that I had it working just fine for one night, and then discovered a short circuit. By the time I had the whole device torn down to look for the problem, I found so many other little things wrong with it that I wrote it off, and will in turn be selling it for parts.

What's left? I could just suck it up and stick with my laptop, but nooooo...I just have to have something smaller and more portable. So, now I'm waiting on a lapdock 100 for my phone. All the features of the phone in the package of a netbook, with a full keyboard and a nice display. What's even better, after my exhaustive search and comparison I have finally found an android word processing app that correctly preserves all of my word paperback formatting! Docs to Go wins the prize!

So, soon enough, perhaps you'll see me at Starbucks with a venti soy chai (no water) in one hand, and typing away with the other on something that looks like a netbook with a phone sticking out of it.

Nah, you won't see that. Typing with one hand just sucks. Maybe they'll give me a straw...