Updates and Birthday!

Time to catch up with the world!

Spent a few days out of life sick. Now that it's behind me and the warmer weather has charged up my batteries, it's time to get back to work. The short story submission to Dark Moon I mentioned last post is finished. It needs a teeny-tiny bit of edit work before it gets shipped off, but it will be ready to go before the deadline at this point. I hope for the best! If I can publish enough short stories, I intend to release an anthology once all the first-world rights to the various publishers expire.

TGL's sequel continues. The plot has taken a turn for the mysterious, and at this point in the book the reader will have some new questions to contend with -- not to mention the new settings and multitude of new characters to enjoy! I will consider the ending a success if the reader turns the last few pages and thinks -- "Oh! So THAT'S it! I see!"

More to come!

Did I mention the 9th was my birthday? I spent half of it not feeling well, but my stomach and I made friends just in time to enjoy a sushi smorgasboard, courtesy of my wonderful wife. That and a new chainsaw (which I swear is being used to fuel my lumberjack needs -- no horror here!!)

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