Facebook Migration and "The World of Ord"

Hello all!

You may have noticed (I'm a failure at life if you didn't) the big old facebook link up above this post. Recently Its come to my attention that people are having an easier time staying in touch with me (and I with them) via facebook than any other forum I'm active on. So, I've spiffed up my author page a bit, with some fun new features:

  • The World of Ord - A detailed reference for a myriad of aspects of the world The Traveler of Ord saga takes place in. Everything from politics to cuisine!
  • Links to Ord's Pinterest Board, and Twitter feed.
  • Links to my profiles on Goodreads and Linkedin.

Not to mention I'm making an effort to add lots of content and posts about the literary world in general. I've been subscribing to a lot of worthy blogs by a lot of talented and informative people, and hope to pass along some of what they have to offer. So come over and visit (and if you're so inclined, "like" before you go!)

Don't worry, by no means am I getting rid of ordonline.net. But if you haven't seen an update on this blog for a few days and are wondering what strange, dark nook in the back of the closet I've fallen into this time, try looking for me over on ye old FB.

Don't be a stranger! (At least, don't be stranger than me!)