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So, the other day I was reviewing where The Goldenwealth is since its publication slightly less than two months ago. Ten good reviews and a total of nearly 800 KDP select free copies given away...seems not too shabby to me. Still, I noticed something. Sales just aren't there. Naturally I'm not expecting to be a bestselling author overnight (if it happens at all), but I thought the buzz would drum up at least a bit more interest.

I took a good, hard look at the book's Amazon sales page and thought to myself -- it's getting great reviews...people are saying how well written they think it is...they're waiting for a sequel, so...what's the deal? Why no pop?

Then, I believe the answer came to me. I checked out a few blogs where the book had been reviewed to see what sort of comments those bloggers were getting. Most people who commented on the reviews said the story sounds interesting and now that they read a review, they might pick it up. But, had they not read a review, they might have passed it by -- because of the cover.

People aren't saying the cover is "bad". They're saying that compared to all of the other books you would find on a shelf at a Barnes and Noble or your local library, it looks "amateurish". Since people do judge a book by its cover when deciding what novel to read next, a cover with that kind of press often leads people to click their browser's "back" button before they have even read a description, or scrolled down enough to glance over those precious reviews.

But, I'm not upset. You know...I think they may have a point. So, I'm taking action. I am currently in discussion with a prominent professional book cover designer, and we're going to start the book's cover over again from the ground up. So far, I am reeeeeally liking where this is going too. I'll give everybody some more info as I have it to share, but suffice to say, in a few weeks time, The Goldenwealth Light is going to be a MUCH snazzier-looking little number to have on one's bookshelf!

Stay tuned for more!

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