The Goldenwealth Emerges!

After many lost hours of sleep, copious cups of "tea, Earl Grey, hot" (ten points for the reference!), three complete cover redesigns, and more edits/proofreads than I care to recall, The Goldenwealth Light is nearly ready to debut on!

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The Goldenwealth Light is the first book in the Traveler of Ord Saga, which chronicles the escapades of junior high student Theodore Nathan Ellsworth, the Traveler of Ord, as he adventures through the mystical Goldenwealth Light of Quaylund (pronounced KAY-lund). Part high fantasy, part deadly intrigue, Book I seeks to establish the mood for the rest of the series. Unique fantasy races are set against a backdrop of a world that takes peace for granted, with hints of the tumultuous upheaval that is to come.  The Traveler of Ord Saga is a fantasy story for all ages from preteen to adult, with a myriad cast of colorful characters to enjoy.

But what's the best part of all? You are!


That's right, YOU.

Think about the best story you ever read. Did you ever wish that you
could jump in and help the hero (or even the villains) out? Now’s your
chance to make a difference. When you’ve finished reading The Goldenwealth Light, come and find the Traveler of Ord saga at OrdOnline (this blog), Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social networking site. Who was your favorite character? What was your favorite part? What do you wish/hope will happen next? Come and share your thoughts with a growing community of readers, and you might just have a say in some of the content for the next book! Your opinion counts!

Check back for a confirmed release date for the paperback and kindle versions, coming soon!