REVIEW - The Last Fairy Door: Fairies of Titania #1 (N.A. Davenport)

The Last Fairy Door"89% Octane, the perfect mid-grade mix!”"
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The important thing about Middle Grade fiction is its potential versatility to many audiences – a fact that I think is too often lost on the content. Adult content is intended to appeal to adults, without taking children into account. YA content opens this up a bit more by including both teen and adult audiences, but neither tends to be appropriate for children. Middle Grade and under often take the opposite road, including young audiences without a nod to any other. But they *can* be so much more.

This book took a higher road, and I appreciate that. Perhaps it is mid-grade, but I enjoyed it, and further I would recommend it as a lighter, simpler read for anyone interested in some good nights with a fairytale adventure. There’s something to be said for being able to just kick back and…experience the story.

Well, that’s my take as an adult reader. I had to reach into the dusty old memory pouch to put myself in the right mindset for it, and I think I can comfortably say I would recommend this for your kids, and mine too. Our protagonist, a young lady forced to cope with the realities of harsh circumstances, might have gone through some experiences not common to all of us. But dealing with our troubles and rolling with change are common to us all, and as such I find Amy highly relatable. From here, we’re on an enchanted journey filled with fairies, magic and wishes that stays heartfelt, but doesn’t dig deeper than it really needs to. It’s just enough, without being too little, and without being too much.

My criticisms for this book are minimal, but if I had to offer one, I’ll say that I’d really have liked to see chapter titles. I think they’d add a nice little extra dimension to a tale like this, and excite me even more to find out what might happen next.

Give it a shot, it’ll put a smile on your face.

About the Author: N. A. Davenport writes magical books for the young and young at heart. She picked up the pen when her own son was having trouble finding books which were both easy to read and interesting enough to keep his attention. Frustrated that the selection seemed so small, she finally wrote books for him herself. Davenport writes stories that are lightning-paced, wild, and adventurous. Books that will sink their teeth into a kid and not let go.
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