Everywhere the Road Ends is now available!

The time has come! Everywhere the Road Ends, Book II of the Traveler of Ord Saga, is now available in paperback and digital formats on Amazon. The fate of young Theodore Ellsworth at the hands of the wraiths of the Reflectia Woods will finally be revealed, as the overall plot of the series begins to take shape. The road is darkening for Theo and Marie, as well as for their contrary friends; Tessa the gender-confused traversimorph, Maxwell Fableton the apprentice Lorewarden, and Zaradi Bracchus the balthan warrior-girl. Will there be a light at the end of the tunnel, or will everybody get squashed by a pack of wild yurt? Is Theo really a hero, or is he moonlighting as the Beast of Calharik?

Get ready for new allies, new enemies, new twists, two new cities, tall ships, and hours of more page-turning, YA adventure!

Find it here!

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