Breaking Ground (and leaving dawn alone)

The planning and review stages are complete -- 3000 words in, and The Traveler of Ord Book II is underway!

Originally I thought I would painstakingly mull over book one with a fine-toothed comb to ensure with absolute certainty that everything continues to flow well, but I realized a few things. One, I've already read The Goldenwealth Light a million times (sort of obligatory when you're in the pre-publication polishing stage of your own book), and two, I just don't want to wait anymore. So I plan to continue the saga the same way I started it. I'll set the scene and get them started, but it's on the characters to tell me what they plan to do next.

Sorry that I can't share a title for volume II yet, but titles are usually the last thing I decide on after I've completed a manuscript. For now, it's on the drawing board as "ord_2.doc". Stay tuned for updates!

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