What is Rainhand Books?

RainHand Books and Reviews is the personal website of author Scott M. McCloskey. It's a place to catalog my works, talk about the works of others, and generally listen to myself chatter. The site has been around for many years (since I published my first original novel in 2012), but I've recently entered into an initiative to increase its presence as a review site for new, unpublished, self-published, and/or undiscovered authors. Whether you're starting out or just trying to get folks to take a look at your work, the world of writing can be a tough one. I always enjoy having a new read, and if it helps an independent author out in the process, so much the better!

This website was originally part of a domain called 'ordonline', back when it focused only upon my Traveler of Ord novel series. Now that it is a site to reflect all of my literary works, that title seemed too compartmentalized. Thus, I now use the name 'RainHand' to represent my work, which is a combination of the names of my daughters.

Anyway, don't be a stranger, and I hope you too will find yourself a good read from what you see at RainHand. Be on the lookout for the occasional review of a bestseller or a classic, too!

-RainHand Books, December 2019