A Frozen One for the Boys

You know what I want to see?

I want to see somebody remake Frozen with exactly the same script, except with all the characters gender-swapped. All the same words, except for a change in gender related pronouns and terms ('king' vs 'queen', for example). I wanna see young prince Aaron pining for a girlfriend, and King Elrik change into a blue and white tuxedo during a rendition of 'Let it Go', after being taught by his mother the Queen all his young life to conceal his powers. I wanna see a tall and strong Princess Hannah of the Southern Isles sweep Prince Aaron off his feet and propose to him. I wanna see Kristina riding to the rescue atop Svetlana, like a pungent reindeer queen.

I wanna see Olga the snow-woman who likes warm hugs get impaled.

...or maybe I just want to hear somebody insist that all women pick their noses and then eat it.

Either or.

 photo large_zps09abb2c2.jpg

In all seriousness though, I think the world could use a Disney princess movie for the boys. I bet you'd be surprised how popular it would be.

-The Journal of Ord's two cents.

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