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Paying the Ferryman

Features the short story "Eden in Spring" by Scott McCloskey

ISBN: 978-0692277089; 394 Pages

Publication Date: 18 October 2015

Classification: Anthologies, Horror

Death. Just the word can trigger gut-wrenching fear. The kind of fear causing the heart to pound, cold sweat to run down and burn the eyes, and fingers to tremble with a loss of strength. Join us as we follow a serial killer who tries to outrun the minions from Hell. Meet a man forced to relive his past hoping for redemption. Find out if people really get what they deserve, if the innocent are trapped with the guilty, if life and death are a continuous loop, and if there is redemption.

Each of the twenty stories within Paying the Ferryman has its own twist on a fate worse than death. Don’t expect puffy clouds and pearly gates, because this book takes a look at the darker side of the afterlife - where everyone has to pay.

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