Right Around the Corner!

UPDATE: Everywhere the Road Ends, The Traveler of Ord Book II, is now more than halfway through the final edit phase. This is the last one, really. After this it's going straight to Create Imaginations to start work on the cover design. We're in the home stretch - get ready for more people, more places, more plot - More ORD!

TGL is back!

Well, it has been for a few days now, but I thought it fair to jump on and mention that formally. I must say the new matte cover finish is WONDERFUL. If you're planning to pick up a paperback copy of TGL and have yet to do so, now is the time!

Book II is now most likely an imminent release for May, as I have taken control of the considerably long editing process in an attempt to get the ball rolling again (4 months is just too long on one book, even for an editor). Stay tuned!

TGL Temporarily Unavailable

I've fallen in love with CreateSpace's new matte cover finish option, and have decided TGL must have it. Therefore, The Goldenwealth Light will be unavailable in the Amazon store for the next few days while the cover finish is updated. Don't mind the price if you try to look it up - as soon as a previously available book on Amazon suddenly becomes unavailable, for some reason the list price shoots up to something ridiculous (like $300+!). All will be well once the book becomes available again. In the meantime, TGL remains available on Kindle for just 99 cents!